occupational risk prevention

Management / Consulting

Certek offers consulting and advisory services with the aim of finding solutions applicable to the reality of your company, developing a proposal designed for your needs, according to current regulations.

Emergency and Evacuation Plans

Certek is aware of the need to offer the most appropriate solutions to each specific case, which is why we collaborate with our clients in designing, implementing, disseminating and/or updating its Emergency and Evacuation Plans, in such a way that they are prepared to face and act against earthquakes, floods, fires, etc.

The emergency and evacuation plans prepared by Certek, integrate the planning of a set of procedures, actions and activities aimed at preserving the life and physical integrity of workers who carry out their tasks both in offices and in the field, as well as protect assets and dependencies.

At the end of our advice, prior to the official delivery of the plans, Certek will deliver a preliminary version, which must be reviewed and approved by the client.

Internal Regulations

Certek focuses on collaborating with its clients in designing, updating and disseminating its regulation (Order, Hygiene and Safety / Hygiene and Safety / Both unified) according to the requirements of your company and of course based on our legislation, giving compliance to both . It is important to mention that this regulation is made by working jointly with the client, achieving a document tailored to each company.

Occupational Risk Prevention Program

The objective of conducting preventive counseling is to comply with the provisions of law 16.744: 1968 on occupational accidents and diseases. These consultancies guide our clients not only in the design of the program but also in the implementation of it as well as its follow-up with respect to the proposed goals according to what is established with the guidelines of a preventive management system, managing to control the existing risks in the different areas of the company.

Talks / Trainings

An accident at work must not occur due to lack of information.

The Occupational Health and Safety services offered by Certek are based on comprehensive advice, adapting the needs and realities of our clients to comply with all legal requirements. It is through basic talks related to applicable legislation, specialized talks, among others, where workers are permanently informed and prepared, thus decreasing the accident rate, avoiding fines and improving the quality of life of all people working in the company.

Risk Matrix

Through this instrument or tool, Certek collaborates and advises its clients to identify the most significant and inherent risks to the activities of their company. Through this valuable instrument, we help you to make an objective and global diagnosis, which allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of the management of operational risks that can negatively impact the mission of your organization.

Registration in the ISP (Institute of Public Health)

Registry of Manufacturers and Importers of EPP (only EPP with Foreign Certification)

Certek, will help you to validate the certification of origin of the Personal Protection Elements (EPP) with foreign certification, that you want to commercialize in our country, before the Institute of Public Health (ISP), through the mechanism which corresponds to the "Registry of Manufacturers and Importers of EPP ", known as" RFI ", which helps to control the hygiene and safety conditions that personal protection elements must meet.


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