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Support in the process
of Certification

Management and Support

Management and support in the process of certification of regulated products according to regulations emanating from the Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels, SEC, facilitating the administrative, operative and documentary process of each procedure.

Guidance on type certification (prototypes) in Safety and Energy Efficiency (EE).
Management and support in the certification process of manufactured and/or imported items.
Support with the recognition of the technical trials in the country of origin.
Support with the certification of non-regulated products.
Management of merchandising authorization before the authorities.
Direct communication with foreign laboratories for type tests in Safety or Energy Efficiency.

Guidance with Product

Management and Support

Launch of new products is a risky operation and usually requires large investments in time and cost. Most of the new products launched on the market fail because there is no analysis of government requirements, or it is sent directly to a laboratory, trying to solve the deviations of the products, which can not be done by national regulations. That is why Certek advises importers and manufacturers in:

Review of the product with respect to the regulations and protocols.
Setting up of prototypes with specialized engineering laboratories according to the area of expertise.
Review and adjustment of specifications and technical dossiers.
Control and follow-up of the improvements prior to entering the certification process.

Consulting in Development
of the Providers

After-sales preparation

The consultancy in the development of suppliers carried out by Certek guarantees the importer the search and identification of competent supply options, in the ability to produce a product that complies with national regulations. Among the tasks to be performed and guaranteed are:

Factory identification at the origin (not traders).
Audits to the productive process.
Audits to the components used in the products to be developed.
Review of the production process from the point of view of quality assurance.
It may also include negotiations on pricing policy, among other topics.


Consulting and courses

Certek is formed of professionals with extensive experience in the certification process, who can carry out specific trainings for your commercial areas, sales force (Commercial Managers, Product Manager, KAM and Technical Sales Managers). This includes:

Training in the administrative process of product certification.
Training in the review of technical reports.
Information of the new obligations and how they influence your products.


After-sales Service Assistance

Certek offers assistance to the importer in the after-sales service from the following perspectives:

Search for technical service professionals with technical competence to handle queries and repairs of the products of each brand.
Training to call-centers with questionnaires to detect the problem.
Guidance on change and return policies in order to provide the customer (of the importer) with the best experience.
Study and statistical analysis to review trends and propose improvements to products.

Legal Support

Advice with national regulations

We advise our clients in all matters concerning the national regulations, we represent our clients in front of the competent authorities.

Certek legal staff has experience in disputes before the SEC and others, in defense of formulated charges.


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