Conduct awareness day for representatives of Municipalities on Sustainability and Ecodesign in RM.

The training given to Municipal Environmental Managers consisted of the presentation of the main factors and instruments that arise from the implementation of the Framework Law for Waste Management, Extended Responsibility of Producers and Promotion of Recycling (LEY REP).

The fundamental scope of the initiatives that the Government is taking in this matter is the change of logic from a Linear Economy to a Circular Economy, establishing different goals according to the type of priority product, "said the environmental authority.

The initiative of the Seremi del Medio Ambiente RM seeks to raise awareness about the responsibility of all citizens in the indiscriminate acquisition of products, and secondly, to prefer those made from materials that have a low impact on the planet.

18 de junio de 2019

Minister Schmidt announces ambitious recycling goals and a new form of garbage collection in homes

The owner of Environment indicated that the goals of collection and recovery of containers and packaging will increase five times the recycling of these elements

The goals will allow the country to move from the current 12.5% ​​recycling of packaging and home packaging to 60% of these elements by 2030, equivalent to developed countries. The decree also establishes specific goals for each material: Cardboard for liquids (60%), metal (55%), paper and cardboard (70%), plastics (45%) and glass (65%). For industrial waste, the obligation will be 70% .

To reach these levels, the decree will establish a definitive scheme of home collection of recyclable waste, ie, door to door, so that, over time, it will no longer be necessary to go to a clean point to leave these elements.

(Published in the Diario Oficial dated 06/10/2019)

11 de junio de 2019

Today, June 5th - World Environment Day we announce the start of the process of one new priority product each six month.

In the media shows up the new about the plans of Ministry of the Environment wirh the advance of the law REP, according to the Minister of Environment, Carolina Schmidt, highlight that our country is an example at the world level in the struggle against climate change and the transition to development sustainable.

Its a pride to the country that in no more than six month the United Nations Climate Change Conference 25 (COP) (see previous news) will take place in Santiago, adding up the son publication about Priority product regulation “packaging” in the recycling law – Law REP. Lets go for more! Chile is made by all of us

5 de junio de 2019

Minister Schmidt meets with Angela Merkel and with the German Environment Authority in a preparatory meeting for COP25

"In Berlin, the Minister of Environment led the climate meeting Dialogue of Petersberg with Chancellor Angela Merkel and Minister Svenja Schulze."

This Tuesday, May 14, was the second and last day of this important preparatory meeting for the next COP in Santiago, organized by Chile and Germany. This week's meeting in Berlin was attended by ministers from 35 countries who meet to present their positions and seek consensus to ensure the success of the next conference in our capital.

14 de mayo de 2019

Annual Meeting of the National RETC Coordinating Group conducted by MMA

The fortieth consecutive meeting was held by the Ministry of the Environment this last May 2019. It is concluded that since the last GNC (National Coordinating Group) meeting held in December of last year, great progress has been made in the modernization of the PRTR platforms, including the publication of the data, in accordance with the Digital Government guidelines.

May 7, 2019

SEC investigates a power outage that affected 180 thousand clients in at least eight districts in the Metropolitan Region.

Interruption of supply was recorded at 5:30 p.m., affecting various sectors of the capital. Superintendent of the SEC, Luis Ávila, indicated that once the fact was known, the background information was requested to determine the causes of the event, along with the initiation of the investigation to determine the possible responsibilities

November 8, 2018

Law for promotion of recycling.

What is the Recycling Law?

It is an economic waste management instrument that obliges the manufacturers of certain products to organize and finance the management of the waste derived from their products.

The necessity of the Recycling Law in Chile.

From the environmental point of view, the final disposal of garbage in landfills or dump areas is not the best alternative and therefore it is necessary to redefine the approach to waste management in our country. In this way, the standard focuses on the prevention and recovery of waste, in all its aspects.

November 9, 2018

Ministry of Energy

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Ministry of Environment

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SEC investigates a power outage that affected 180 thousand clients in at least eight districts in the Metropolitan Region November 8
Law for promotion of recycling November 8

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