Pollutant release and transfers register (RETC)

Pollutant release and transfers register (RETC) is a database that contains information about the releases and transfers to the environment of potentially harmful chemical substances. A RETC includes information on the nature and quantity of releases and transfers. Data from a RETC in Chile will be collected from fixed emission sources (factory), and mobile sources (transport). The Chilean RETC will cover emissions to air and water, and hazardous waste transported for treatment or final disposal.


The National Waste Declaration System (SINADER), is system for declaration via a web portal, which allows generators and waste destinies (Industries and Municipalities) to declare their emissions, annually or periodically, in accordance with the obligations imposed by the RETC Regulation (as of March 30, each year)


The Law of Extended Responsibility for the Producer (REP), among other provisions, introduces and regulates in Chile the principle of extended producer/importer responsibility, which is a waste management instrument, in which the producer or importer of elements that have been defined as "Priority products", have the obligation to organize and finance the management of the waste originated by these products. This law seeks to reduce the generation of waste and encourage its reuse, recycling and other valuation, in order to protect the health of people and the natural environment.

“We support your management in the area of human capital. Leave the responsibility of hiring, replacement and preparation of environmental specialists and experts in risk prevention, in our hands”.

Priority Products:

  • Batteries
  • Wrapping and packages
  • Electrical and electronic devices
  • Oils and lubricants
  • Tyres
  • Newspapers and magazines


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